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[lives & works – northwest Montana ::: born 1997 – Southern California]


Kelly Chuning is an interdisciplinary biracial Latinx artist currently based in northwest Montana. In 2020, she received her BFA in Studio Arts from Southern Utah University. Chuning attended residency in Zion National Park which concluded with her first solo exhibition in the Zion National Park Museum in 2018. Chuning's work has been shown in group exhibitions in New York with Field Projects Gallery, Barcelona, and Rome, as well as virtually with Visionary Art Collective and IncuArts Gallery, and publication in CREATE! Magazine, All SHE Makes, and Friend of The Artist. Her work is in the Southern Utah Museum of Art’s permanent collection and The Gala Awards Exhibition Collection. 

Artist Statement

I consider my work autobiographical, examining the various forms of identity through speech and subjectivity. Being my own subject matter, I am dissecting the role of childhood and external/internal personas using language and fiber. 

Transparency is instrumental as I unfold memories and transgressions, with the viewer as a voyeur into my life. Meditating on events from my past, in a meticulous manner, I am in search of my truth and validity. My work explores sexuality and the role of sexism, verbally and emotionally. Reclaiming ownership of language and exploiting it, bringing back its agency for myself and the viewer.

Vulnerability is at the forefront of my work, calling attention to intimate moments with family members, friends, strangers, and even myself. The isolation of being without a sense of place has become a device of romance and indifference, finding its bearing in my psyche—blurring the lines of subjectivity. 

Exploring the fine line between attraction and repulsion, I create spaces of subtle discontent covered in façade—uneasy and confronting. Utilizing the materials of my upbringing, I am interested in the divergence of memory with material and how that dictates our perceived notions of subjectivity.